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Online Peer Feedback for Indie Film Makers

In today’s culture, the practice of attending movie theaters is slowly being replaced by a growing number of online streaming services. In a world where entertainment is instantaneous, you can avoid the lines and costs of movie theaters by watching almost anything from the comfort of your own home, with just the click of a button.

This is the time of online connection for practically every area of interest you could think of. This means that those in the creative industry have the ability to gain feedback using online resources, so learning from others has never been easier. However, there are very few resources where those with film making knowledge and experience can give you feedback. Indie Film Share is a site designed for this exact purpose at no cost to you! Indie film makers can upload their own films and gain critical and creative feedback to grow their craft and skill level. It is known that the quality of what we create improves with the increased input we receive. The point of creating a film is to facilitate and nurture a shared emotional response and empathy among those watching. Good cinema gives friends and family members, as well as audiences and filmmakers, opportunities for discussion, and Indie Film Share has been created with this goal in mind. We at Indie Film Share want to encourage you to grow your craft and refine your skill while helping other creators at the same time, at no cost to you. This phenomenal online resource can give you the supportive community you need to create the kind of experience you’ve always envisioned.

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