About IndieFilmShare

IndieFilmShare is a site created for and devoted to the sharing and feedback of independent films and filmmakers. There are a number of video sharing sites, but what makes IndieFilmShare different is the focus on the feedback element. This is why there is a requirement to review other filmmakers work before you can post your own. This allows for the consistent feedback to make all filmmakers better at their craft.

We strive to give an avenue for filmmakers to share their films and constant improvement. Additionally, it is the goal for filmmakers to find like minded individuals and how their films are made. Examples of how to do things is what makes everyone better.

Goal of How IndieFilmShare helps filmmakers :
  • Focus on the constructive feedback of work
  • Examples of other films to watch
  • Communication with other filmmakers
  • Place to share your work

We hope this site proves useful for these reasons and this is a go-to for the filmmaking community. Please help us understand if there are things that we can do to make our site better.

About IndieFilmShare
IndieFilmShare is a community for filmmakers to give and get constructive feedback on their films to improve their craft. This can help prepare for film festivals to submit to when looking into the best short film festivals or best film festivals in general. In the future, there will be a short film competition and short film awards for films as well as reviewers. Reviews of films is the most impmortant aspect of IndieFilmShare. This will be an ongoing site function, so be ready for your film to be part of a best shorts competition.
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