Award Winning Short Films

When someone enters short film awards competitions, they must have a number of elements working together to become award winning short films. This can range from a good story and good acting, but sometimes even more importantly, good filmmaking. We have all seen films where any one of those elements are not working and it takes away from the experience. For instance, a good story, but bad use of sound. Sound is sometimes treated as secondary, but can be one of the most important elements when engaging the audience.

This is not to say that the story is not just as important. All the great filmmaking in the world cannot save a boring story or a story that is not engaging to the audience. We have seen these as well. A film that is amazing to watch from a filmmaking standpoint, but you forget what you just watched a few minutes after the credits roll. Always remember to balance all of the elements and evaluate what you might be giving up for something. A good example are aspiring filmmakers who spend extra on the right camera, but think nothing of good sound.

Elements to Remember :
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Color
  • Camera Location
  • Editing

Next time you are watching a good or bad film, think of whether they would have been better or worse if any of these elements were dialed up/down. Think of the impact that would have and weigh that when you are creating your own body of work. Something Spielberg did when he was younger was to watch movies without the sound. This helped him to see all of the filmmaking elements and then he would turn the sound back on to get the full breadth of the film. Again, none of these things are irrelevent. They are all important and must be weighed in the grand scheme of resources, budget, and timing.

Good luck in any short film awards you enter and we hope to see your films on this site.

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