AFTERSHOCK- Official trailer

2013-08-05 1883 0 2 Rating: 3.5


When a trustfund baby finds the girl of his dreams online he hires a specialist to kidnap and deliver her to him. The specialist faces many obstacles along the way and finds that not every job is worth the pay.

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PsychoBoots Said: 2013-08-07 16:26:30
Rating: 3

Title: RUN!!!!!!

Pros: The trailer looks pretty good overall. The shots were varied and had a good sense of pace. The story looks interesting and interested me enough to see what the film is. The quality of the footage looks great.

Cons: Although the trailer was good, there were couple things that stood out to me. First is the actor The guy seemed a bit stale when talking and didn`t seem convincing enough to be menacing. kinda took me out of the trailer. The ending was a bit anti-climatic

Other Thoughts: honestly (and my opinion) i think that you could have ended it on 1:50, take all the stuff after 1:50 and place it somewhere in the middle and end the scene with a huge climax with the girl holding the gun to the guy`s head.

JakeSirianni Said: 2013-08-06 20:28:26
Rating: 4

Title: Nice!

Pros: Love the quality of your camera. I like the professional feeling you put off with this trailer. One of my favorite parts was at 0:54 when the angry dude is pissed. How his figure is on one side of the screen then jumps to the other with a slight tilt, then back. Me gusta.

Cons: The ending title wasn`t matching the feel of the trailer. Kind of anti-climatic.

Other Thoughts: What did you use at 2:05 (the running scene) to keep up with the actor?

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