ANNA (Demo)

2015-04-06 1907 0 1 Rating: 2.0


This short film is an extension of the opening scene of a feature screenplay that I wrote, for which I`m currently seeking funds to produce. The story is about a National Security officer who investigates murder accusations against his beloved but very secretive wife. This short is also my Directorial debut. Enjoy :-) Oh, and after rating this short film, Support our INDIE FILM REVOLUTION right here

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Michael Duck Said: 2015-04-10 18:57:58
Rating: 2

Title: Some good elements to expand on

Pros: The potential story has some good elements to it. I also thought a majority of the dialog was not too cliché and did not distract from the overall film like many others do. I also did not think the acting was too bad for the subject matter. Some independent shorts of the same genre have a hard time with the acting and although it was not top notch, it also was not very distracting.

Cons: First and foremost was the sound. It was very distracting to have some dialog with background noise and other without. I assume some of the dialog was done at a different time (maybe add background noise to it). Additionally, the jump cuts could have been handled better. Some "flash cards" were used when they were not needed (backstreet for example). I also would get rid of the 5 minutes later as it did not do anything for the story and had no substance (finished using the bathroom and sat down). Finally, there were some small details that could make the film a little better. Many would not be noticed by most people, but every little bit helps. One of the items was the way the cop held the gun at the end when he threw the handcuffs. He did not hold it like most police officers would. This might be more of a pet peeve of mine.

Other Thoughts: Overall, I think there is some potential with the director and I would love to see them continue making shorts and improving. I think there is a base to improve on.

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