Agent Novak: The Extraction

2017-09-18 2075 0 2 Rating: 3.0


Agent Novak is on a mission to retrieve a device and must rely on an uber driver to help him.

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b9gi99 Said: 2017-11-07 15:58:12
Rating: 3

Title: Little things

Pros: A good idea with music of good quality which was well placed.

Cons: The car scene (in the end) made me a little bit disappointed.

Other Thoughts:

Michael Duck Said: 2017-09-20 13:51:28
Rating: 3

Title: Good Stunt Work, but focus elsewhere too

Pros: The biggest praise would definitely be on the stunt work. Additionally, the muzzle flashes and sound effects were good and did not distract from the movie like some less than stellar attempts would. Same goes for the acting. It was good enough to work in the movie and not distract from it. I like the film overall and it kept me entertained.

Cons: My one complaint would be around story. The story could be stronger or more developed. We know he stole something and people are after him for it. We know nothing else. That could be fine in such a short film, but the movie seems to rush to get to the stunt work. I would have loved to see him for another 1-2 minutes in the house. This would have also been a great vehicle to show off some good lighting and his skills as a thief. Then it would make even more sense why he was so good at jumping on cars and with a gun.

Other Thoughts: Overall, a really nice job putting together a film that was entertaining and filled with stunt action. I would just love to see another film in which as much time/focus is put on getting to the action as the action itself. Look forward to seeing more of your work on this site.

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