All Thats Left (pilot preview)

2013-12-09 1910 0 2 Rating: 3.5


Marking one year after the impact of the invasion, the story follows Dominick and Audrey as they try and survive all that`s left. They will face obstacles and challenges in search of hope for a better future

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Richinw Said: 2014-02-03 12:40:32
Rating: 3

Title: All That`s Left

Pros: Well shot and well performed. Music worked. Liked seeing the girl shiver and the blue hands coming out of the water. You saw her breathing hard from the exertion which we are to assume they had traveled a distance in the water.

Cons: Not sure the pilot gave enough drama for what was going on since the audience has no clue about anything. All that`s left is liter?

Other Thoughts: Remember you know what`s going on .... we don`t. You needed to connect "All that`s Left" with what the audience see`s.

TheMovieMan100 Said: 2014-01-29 15:41:59
Rating: 4


Pros: It looked really good and I thought the soundtrack was great.

Cons: There`s nothing notably wrong with it.

Other Thoughts: I`ll be reviewing the next one as well.

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