Assassins Creed: Hereafter

2013-07-09 1945 0 2 Rating: 2.0


The modern day depiction of the brotherhood. This is a teaser in anticipation for a 20 minute short film.

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Michael Duck Said: 2013-07-13 21:20:56
Rating: 2

Title: Good Concept

Pros: I thought the music and camera work was good. There were a couple of shots that could have used a different camera angle to make it look like contact was made, but most of the shots looked good. The dialogue was also what I would have expected from this type of story. You had a lot of realistic props as well which is a great start to this kind of film.

Cons: When you cut to a black screen, I think you stayed on the black a little too long. It could have been a beat or 2 quicker back to the scene. I also thought some of the acting was a little forced. This could have to do with he fact that this is not how they would normally talk. Might want to modify some parts of the dialogue to match what the actor would actually say to make it more comfortable for them. I also think you could do some work on the overall color. Some color correction could change the look and give it more of a tone you might be looking for.

Other Thoughts: Nice start. I think with a few improvements this could be a good overall film.

PsychoBoots Said: 2013-07-09 21:58:16
Rating: 2

Title: As a AC fan

Pros: The idea of what you guys were trying to do is ok. The music was good and the camera work was good at hiding the lack of combat skills.

Cons: The actors performance was not convincing enough and felt to forced. I started loosing interest when they guy in glasses came out. I believe, as a Templar, they would have been driving in black unmarked vehicles or (if couldn`t get one) at least had the guys wear a suit. No one really seemed menacing.

Other Thoughts: Who did they captured, why was he captured alive and what happened to him at the end? Overall i think it was good attempt.

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