At The Shop (Speed Date)

2013-07-19 1816 0 3 Rating: 4.0


Part 2 of the webseries At The Shop

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MightyAlligator Said: 2013-08-27 20:50:00
Rating: 4

Title: Enjoyed it!

Pros: I enjoyed the Justin character due to his excellent acting. The others did a spectacular as well. I did tend to laugh through out most of the entire film.

Cons: I can`t seem to see too many. The main one is the acting. Some characters pulled off their personalities quite well, while a couple of others tend to "leave me hanging".

Other Thoughts: Very enjoyable. Hope to see more in the future.

karlheyliger Said: 2013-08-12 08:34:35
Rating: 4

Title: Speed Dating

Pros: Great camera work and sound. The setting was nice, everyone looked like they came to play. The piece was also relatable.

Cons: I have nothing.

Other Thoughts:

jamar Said: 2013-07-22 09:52:34
Rating: 5

Title: Funny film

Pros: This is a hilarious film from start to finish. will there be any more films

Cons: Are they going to get any of the girls

Other Thoughts:

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