At The Shop (The Invite)

2013-07-16 2220 0 3 Rating: 4.5


The barbershop scene from a new Webseries At The Shop

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PsychoBoots Said: 2013-07-20 17:58:28
Rating: 4

Title: Ain`t nobody lookin` at yo mama

Pros: Camera: Overall, the camera work was very good. Love the fact that 98% of the shots were static; making it look more professional. Acting: The acting was good and felt more natural at times. Edit: The editing had good pacing.

Cons: Camera: The scene outside between the three adults broke away from the formula of static shots. This gave it an amature look and didn`t quit fit in with the rest of short. Actors: Some of the dialogue seemed forced at times and didn`t really push the story forward. Sound: The sound was very good at times but then at random moments lost the fullness it had when the short started.

Other Thoughts: Seems promising and looking forward to see more.

nelsonjdavis Said: 2013-07-16 09:58:03
Rating: 5

Title: Review for "At the shop" "The Invite"

Pros: This is very well put together, love the angles, the quality of the actors, and overall quality of the film. It is believable and funny. I believe anyone that has ever been to a barbershop can agree that it is real. Looking forward to seeing more.

Cons: Everything was great about it, except for the length. Can`t wait to see more!

Other Thoughts: I wonder if anything will happen between Reggie and Michelle.

jamar Said: 2013-07-16 06:20:23
Rating: 5

Title: Great Film

Pros: The was funny. This is like a real babershop. I cant wait to see part 2

Cons: Nothing wrong

Other Thoughts:

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