Bet Your Life

2013-07-09 1984 0 1 Rating: 3.0


I young man with a meaningless life has a realistic vision of the future where the lower end of society places bets on how you will die.

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Michael Duck Said: 2013-07-12 15:00:24
Rating: 3

Title: Good Concept and Execution

Pros: I enjoyed the overall storyline and I thought the effects were nicely done. The music choices were also good for the tone you were conveying. Your lead actor did a good job as well.

Cons: Some of the scenes seemed rushed. It seemed like you spent a decent amount of time on the more important scenes, but the trivial scenes were not completely solid. For instance, in the bar, the other actor gets a shot glass to pour on him after getting beat up, but he never asked for it. He asked for 2 drinks and this was one, so it is assumed the bartender gave it for this sole reason. How did she know. Also, him going to bed in his dress pants. Little details can add some depth and reality. I also think some of the fight scenes could have been done a little differently. Some of the hits were good, but some might have benefitted from a slightly different angle. There is a great fight choreography on "Losses" on the Film Riot youtube channel if you have not seen it. I also think the look at the beginning would have been better with some color correction changes. This can really bring up the film to a whole new level.

Other Thoughts: Overall, a nice job. The story was good and I was impressed with many of the effects. I think you just need to keep an eye on the details of the non-important scenes as much as the important ones.

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