Black and White

2014-03-01 1871 0 1 Rating: 3.0


A short film about a guy who, because he believes that life is simple and should always make sense, refuses to accept the fact that his ex-girlfriend broke up with him for no reason. He attempts to find solace in a friend who does not seem to agree with his “black and white” philosophy.

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Michael Duck Said: 2015-03-22 00:36:24
Rating: 3

Title: Good Well Rounded Short

Pros: Storyline, music, and simplistic use of the camera. I liked the use of the camera in that you were not trying too hard to get some special angle or look. The storyline is focusing on simplicity and the camera angles and shots backed that up. Whether that was intentional or not, it work well.

Cons: I did think there were a few too many cuts in the dialog sequence. It was fairly short, but a lot of back and forth with the camera. Could potentially stay on one subject a little longer while the other person is talking to reduce by a few.

Other Thoughts: Well done overall. I think you have a good view of what you are shooting and look forward to more shorts from you.

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