Blinds and Light

2013-08-08 2106 0 3 Rating: 4.3


The purpose of this short is for the viewer to make their own meaning and story based on what they see and hear.

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1Steve Said: 2013-08-31 18:23:21
Rating: 5

Title: Hidden Pain

Pros: The camera angles and lighting were very interesting. Good quality sound as well. I felt like I was actually there in the scene.

Cons: I think the sound of thunder could have started just a bit sooner. As others have said there was some confusion with the sunny day outside. However until I heard the thunder, my initial thought was that the sound was someone taking a shower.

Other Thoughts: The thunder and rain VS the sunny day and the open VS closed blinds for me symbolized a person in emotional pain. A person wearing a smile on the outside, but hiding their inner pain from the rest of the world. When the blinds were not closed quite all the way is when they were giving us a small peek into their inner conflicts, a short glance behind the forced smile. At one point the camera angle changed and the blinds were on both sides with the windowsill in the center. Gave the impression of a hallway, symbolizing a walk through life`s journey. I loved it!

colgal4 Said: 2013-08-14 00:27:12
Rating: 5

Title: Blinds and Light

Pros: I thought the camera angles where great and also visually it was interesting. I did come up with my own story about the blinds being someone hiding because something tragic happened to them.

Cons: I kind of am confuse about the rain. I guess it goes back to the idea that someone is hiding in sadness. However I think there should have been an overcast or something outside.

Other Thoughts: Either way i`m interesting and looking forward to what you do next. I think next time maybe adding some music would be great.

m424filmcast Said: 2013-08-13 23:19:27
Rating: 3

Title: Kind of confusing

Pros: Some of the camera angles were really interesting. The effect of having shadows of the trees on the inside of the blinds was actually really cool.

Cons: I was kind of confused as to why there would be the sound of a rainstorm on what was evidently a very clear, sunny day. I`m not sure if that was meant to be confusing or if you were trying to convey a feeling that didn`t quite come across.

Other Thoughts: I really like films that make you think, however, in this case, I would probably have suggested maybe more interesting camera angles to help set a mood. Maybe some background music instead of sound effects.

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