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2013-07-09 1934 0 4 Rating: 3.8


A teaser trailer for a new short film I just directed

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fivebuckfilms Said: 2013-08-16 19:41:55
Rating: 4

Title: Very well done!

Pros: It really does make me want to see this film, I liked the angles and ESPECIALLY that shot of the guy standing in the lit doorway while everything else is black, that shot just looked absolutely fantastic. The music and pacing of the trailer were very good too!

Cons: The beginning didn`t really grab my attention! Don`t get me wrong, the rest of the video surly did but the beginning itself didn`t really! Just work on the attention grabber at the beginning & you`ll be set!

Other Thoughts:

PsychoBoots Said: 2013-07-20 19:39:44
Rating: 4

Title: Bleed!

Pros: great camera work, pacing was good and the actors look great. The music definitly set the mood of the trailer.

Cons: started off very slow but then attention grabbing.

Other Thoughts:

mrbobdobalina Said: 2013-07-16 08:06:49
Rating: 4

Title: Good suspense

Pros: Interesting trailer. Great music. Well shot. Decent level of suspense. And thankfully it doesn`t give away the story - just my kind of trailer.

Cons: Perhaps the trailer needs a little more character development.

Other Thoughts:

nirvana184 Said: 2013-07-09 01:04:35
Rating: 3

Title: Looks Interesting

Pros: I love a good mysterious trailer and this did a great job of grabbing my attention right from the start. The trailer has some intense scenes topped off with some very fitting music. It had a great, dark tone.

Cons: The trailer seemed a bit too random at times. It was kind of all over the place. Some shots were far more impressive than others and that made the trailer feel lopsided at times. That`s just my view of it though.

Other Thoughts: There seems to be a lot going on in your short film, I just hope you didn`t put every scene you filmed in the trailer.

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