Cookin With Gas

2013-08-20 1800 0 2 Rating: 4.0


The Starship Enterprise gets one last send-off before her refit following her 5-year mission. This is a STAR TREK fan film, based on the web series STAR TREK PHASE II.

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AronJAnderson Said: 2013-09-01 21:25:24
Rating: 3

Title: Very cool

Pros: This was a great CG film. It kept my interest through the entire run time. Very unique in the way it was made.

Cons: The CG models were very low Polly but the animation and camera angles were great.

Other Thoughts:

JMaline Said: 2013-08-27 06:55:59
Rating: 5

Title: Stunning Amateur Animation

Pros: Wow. Honestly, when you go to watch a fan film, you don`t expect much. When you go to watch a fan film that needs to involve copious amounts of computer graphics, you really don`t expect much. Not only were the models fantastic, there was a great cinematic feel to the short. The lens flares produced by the sun looked great, and the occlusion of lights was very well composed. Great job!

Cons: While most of the shots looked fantastic, there were one or two that looked a little bit too CGI. You might want to go back in and experiment with self shadowing and ambient occlusion options in whatever program you used.

Other Thoughts:

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