Disturbed (2012)

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In the year 2015 one of the best Northwestern Ohio schools known as Penta Career Center (PCC) was shut down. Five years later it was reopened as a metal institution. Years later college student Christian West must go here to study patients in order to gain his Psychology degree. As West starts to study his patients he notices they are acting more stranger than ussually. He begins to think that this institution are torturing and performing weird experiments on their patients. Once he starts I

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nirvana184 Said: 2013-07-13 13:21:04
Rating: 2

Title: McMurphy With Long Hair

Pros: Good choice of music. Decent writing. Most actors did okay with what they were given.

Cons: Way too many jump cuts. The editing was the main problem. Certain scenes seemed to be kind of awkward and not make much sense. The audio and lighting were a bit off in some parts. Also, some of the actors kept looking at the camera when they weren`t supposed to.

Other Thoughts: If the editing and audio/lighting were improved, the film would have been a lot better.

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