Doritos Ad Commercial

2013-07-09 2072 0 3 Rating: 2.7


A guy attempts to obtain his Doritos using the Force.

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Crparker Said: 2013-07-31 09:57:58
Rating: 3

Title: good one

Pros: I like.

Cons: its good for what it was made for. totaly sells

Other Thoughts:

Michael Duck Said: 2013-07-13 22:54:16
Rating: 3

Title: Good Finish

Pros: I thought this was well done. The actors did a good job and the music was fitting. I also thought the camera cuts worked. Specifically the back and forth from chips to eyes and the falling at the end was well executed.

Cons: It`s so short there really is not much to focus on from a constructive criticism standpoint. Only 2 things really stood out to me and they are minimal. The sound effect on the zoom into the chips initially did not sound very high quality and I might have preferred to have a non-handheld shot during the extreme close up of the eyes.

Other Thoughts:

TheMovieMan100 Said: 2013-07-10 09:48:51
Rating: 2


Pros: This short film/commercial made me smile.

Cons: Although it made me smile, it was not that funny. Instead of flat out hilarious this short film/commercial settled for just being dumb/stupid.

Other Thoughts: Don`t have any.

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