Heavy Fuel

2013-07-10 1984 0 3 Rating: 3.3


The world is changing for Joey, he needs some redemtion.

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corkyworld Said: 2013-08-06 09:43:53
Rating: 4

Title: Heavy Fuel

Pros: Nice tight dialogue, many shorts have way to much talking; not your film. I like the ECU of the eye, kind of Lynch-esc in style. I like the background noise, it adds too the tension. I like the ambiguous ending.

Cons: you need more shots of the main character showing his mental anguish.

Other Thoughts: It would have been nice to show more scenes with the main character in turmoil. Quick scene of him taking handfuls of pills, a quick shot of hands choking someones throat, getting in a brawl at a bar, writhing on the floor in pain etc. Removing large bolts from rides. Getting the crap kicked out of him by a gang of thugs. The whole time the carnival sound gets more and more intense. He wears ear plugs at first on the job but pretty soon he has earplugs in his ears everywhere, even at home.

BuzzkillProductions Said: 2013-08-04 21:37:16
Rating: 3

Title: Great image

Pros: Great camera work and editing visually. wonderful voice for a voiceover. great macro imaging. Visual aesthetics overall were wonderful

Cons: noise was my main issue. maybe if the voice over and background noise faded in and out to the next sound it would be more smoother. the shakiness of the camera sometimes pulled me out of the story.

Other Thoughts: It felt like it was shot at a higher frame rate making it less cinematic. try 24 FPS and you`ll get a film look easier

Michael Duck Said: 2013-07-21 20:59:00
Rating: 3

Title: Interesting Look at Carnivals

Pros: I liked most of the camera shots and editing. It added a good degree of tension. The voice of narration was also a good fit.

Cons: The background noise was a little loud in many of the spots. It was sometimes distracting and even made it hard to hear the narration. I also thought the daytime scenes could have used a different color to it. I also had a problem understanding the overall story. I was expecting more at the end which did not occur. The scene where he found the bolts was tense, but then it seemed to loose that tension the remainder of the story. Finally, I would like to see more shots of the subjects not in the center of the screen. There were some, but most of the shorts had the subject directly in the middle. With the motif being the carnival, showing more of that around the subject might bee good.

Other Thoughts: Well shot and edited. Was an interesting look at a carnival from someone close to the action.

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