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three friends end up in the same strange dream

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BuzzkillProductions Said: 2013-08-13 23:27:10
Rating: 3

Title: Good story!

Pros: Acting was absolutely phenomenal! They actually looked like they were their characters and wanted to he making this film. A lot of independent films don`t have that. A good idea! I liked the idea of another world with a killer and all three friends showing up there. The fights were incredible! Great job on that!

Cons: The cinematography/color correction/effects took away from the story. Weird camera angles especially during the first scene where they all deciding on pizza. The script dialogue was iffy in some places but I feel like better cuts and voice editing would help that. The monkey thing was........interesting. It wasn`t scary for us at least but maybe add some dripping blood or have it tear someone`s head off and I`d be afraid to go to sleep!

Other Thoughts: Great actors! I don`t know if you were going for a serious horror story but it didn`t exactly feel that way. Some ways to fix this would be to do it during dusk when it`s almost dark but there is still light or do "day for night" this will give it more of a dark sinister feel. Camera angles could be improved by watching some scary movies that might match the feel of your film and see how they lit different scenes! Putting credits at the end draws your audience in better instead of making them sit through it

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