Leaving The Game

2013-09-01 1909 0 1 Rating: 3.0


Ronald has been in the game for over 6 years, but has to make a choice, stay with his girl who is pregnant, or stay in the game. Everyone knows, it`s not easy `Leaving The Game`

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Richinw Said: 2013-09-01 08:51:52
Rating: 3

Title: Review/"Leaving the Game

Pros: The story shed light on the black experience and found spaces and time to leave the audience guessing on what was going to happen next. Performance were well done and and all played there part well. Casting was excellent even if all the cast are friends.

Cons: The DP needs to pay attention to detail and the director has to make the final call. I was distracted by some of the glitches and editing. For example the boom shadow in the shot. The DP needs to play with light and shadow and learn how to use light. As a photographer I photographed many black women and there is a special technique that enhances. Over exposing is not the answer.

Other Thoughts: I remember my first film and it brings me back to all the issues at making a film. The outcome of a film is always the responsibility of the Director. He has to make the final decisions and the outcome rests on him. Keep up the good work and keep making it happen.

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