Little Man

2013-08-10 1844 0 3 Rating: 3.3


When Steven comes to a fork in the road he has to decide to go along with his friends or take the oppisite path that leads to a happier life. An award winning film written and Directed by Reed Holland

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Mr.CotLu Said: 2013-08-31 16:52:57
Rating: 3

Title: Little Man

Pros: not bad, good little story. I enjoyed it, nice camera angles

Cons: a little slow at time, acting was up and down, good sometimes and then not so good at other times. Biggest problem was when the story got slow, it really got slow.

Other Thoughts: over all good job

ponyhorton Said: 2013-08-19 17:03:28
Rating: 3

Title: Not bad, but needs polish.

Pros: The film makers put out a nice effort on this, assuming it`s one of their first films. The opening was well-made.

Cons: At times it felt like it went on too long, or was paced too slowly to keep up interest. There were also moments when the film making techniques became not-so-professional.

Other Thoughts: Nice story, but I lost interest halfway in. Also, it`s worth re-shooting certain scenes due to poor camera work and very muddy audio.

m424filmcast Said: 2013-08-11 16:12:19
Rating: 4

Title: Very well done

Pros: Well paced, good scripting. Good lighting, and soundtrack. The story was easy to relate to, and I thought it was well worth watching. Camera movement was really good, and not overdone.

Cons: Colour correction seemed a little off at times. Contrast was a bit strong in some scenes, some overexposure of light coming through windows. Actors were a little stiff, especially the younger ones, but overall they did a great job.

Other Thoughts: Keep up the great work. I would like to see more films from you.

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