Living in Color

2013-07-03 1732 0 6 Rating: 4.0


A silent film character is brought into the real world, in the 21st century.

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Hope Said: 2013-08-13 22:16:25
Rating: 5

Title: Amazing

Pros: I thought that the concept was really good and very well thought out. It seems like the director worked really hard with what they had available to them. This person created a masterpiece.

Cons: I didn`t really see much wrong with it. However, if the film could have had more time to tell the story, it would be easier to understand.

Other Thoughts: Don`t ever stop making movies. They will only become more perfect. You have incredible ideas. Your name is gonna be everywhere one day.

tony419 Said: 2013-07-06 18:55:48
Rating: 5

Title: Color Change..

Pros: It`s a very unique story and the actors were, for the most part, awesome. I liked the main characters most because of how well they showed their emotions in their facial expressions.

Cons: The color should have been black and white in the beginning since it would give more feel of "back-in-time". It seems like it is the 21st century in the start , and they are just wearing peculiar clothing.

Other Thoughts:

MilitaryClient Said: 2013-07-06 18:45:21
Rating: 4

Title: Living in Color

Pros: Both leads performed well and the story had interesting components to it

Cons: A little rushed but that is understood considering there is only a certain maximum length the film could be

Other Thoughts: Felt like it was good for the time allotted and time to work on the film

EdwardC Said: 2013-07-06 17:58:54
Rating: 5

Title: Living in Color Rev:

Pros: It has a strong potential in script writing. I see what plot you were aiming for and on probably a small budget. I loved the male character. You can feel he is putting more effort in the story as the sort of time traveler that`s lost in his translation of his new surroundings and emotions. Very well put effort for such a small cast and budget, bravo.

Cons: Did not like the female lead. She lacked finesse and motivation of character. There couldve been more variety on setting than just a sole house, but I see you probably didnt have much to begin with. And perhaps more time shooting to add more. It has great potential.

Other Thoughts: Would like to see the director of this do more works and on a larger scale. I feel it could be worth a good watch.

Lilythecritic Said: 2013-07-06 14:58:48
Rating: 2

Title: Take your time.

Pros: I thought it was a ok concept. I also thought the female did a wonderful job in her role. The female lead had good expressions that were greatly focused on and The camera work was not distracting as well which is always a plus.

Cons: So many i can`t count. 1. The male can`t act for s*** 2. The script sounds like it was made by a teenager 3. You should of taken time with this film it would of been better if you TOOK YOUR TIME.

Other Thoughts:

Michael Duck Said: 2013-07-06 11:59:41
Rating: 3

Title: Good Concept

Pros: I thought it was a good concept. I also thought the actors did a decent job in the roles. The female lead had facial expressions that were well done and I applaud you for focusing on that. The camera work was not distracting as well which is always a plus. A good use of a steadicam (or equivalent) would have been when he finds the pictures. Would have looked good there if it was possible.

Cons: I am going to focus on some areas that I feel (my opinion) could help the most as you progress. It seemed like you tried to fit too much in the time allotted and your pacing suffered some due to it. I also did not notice his view of color until the food scene. I might have caught on quicker if the entire beginning was black and white to show the obvious contrast to the present. I also noticed some of the lights were way too hot and some shadows were too hard. Some reflectors/diffusers could aid in this. The clothing continuity was a little distracting. Especially since in the 4 months they were together they only seemed to wear 2 sets. Finally, I believe I noticed a couple of times that you broke the 180-degree rule (beginning of food scene for example). It was subtle as the camera did not move too much, but it is definitely something to keep an eye on. Some people are very distracted by that.

Other Thoughts: I feel that you have a good foundation to improve as a filmmaker. I am not sure if this is your first thing to direct, but if so, well done. This is much better than some other first films I have seen in the past. If it is not your first, I am sure it is an improvement from where you started. I look forward to seeing more as you progress.

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