Midnight Shift

2014-01-30 1960 0 4 Rating: 2.0


A janitor encounters an unusual man while working... the midnight shift.

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LifeYouChoose Said: 2015-05-10 02:15:34
Rating: 4

Title: Great sound effects

Pros: I love the sound effects and the way you played around with the sound

Cons: I would have liked to have seen more of the film

Other Thoughts:

JBoyett Said: 2014-12-08 07:46:08
Rating: 2

Title: Midnight Shift

Pros: Some of the shots were nice. The concept of playing with the volume of the music to indicate that the character is oblivious to the world around him is simple but effective. I like the ambition of trying to tell a story in only one minute.

Cons: A couple of the shots were shaky to the point of seeming a bit amateurish. The actor didn`t really seem in character--when he was peering around the corner, it almost looks like he`s smiling. When the box falls on him it seems that we`re supposed to think it`s knocked him over, but it clearly hasn`t…. Although I know there`s only a minute, I would have liked to have at least some hint of who this kid was, why he was being dragged away, if there was any connection between him and the demon/ghost/stranger, etc….

Other Thoughts: Keep making stuff.

andrewacedo17 Said: 2014-03-01 20:23:15
Rating: 1

Title: Could`ve been much better

Pros: a couple of nice shots.

Cons: lack of anything suspenseful when it was meant to be suspenseful. no enthusiasm in the acting. could`ve been filmed better and the lighting could`ve been better utilized.

Other Thoughts:

TheMovieMan100 Said: 2014-02-14 10:47:45
Rating: 1


Pros: None.

Cons: The sound and quality of the footage was very poor. Not to mention it is way too short. I`m not saying it has to be long just make something happen other than a person getting dragged away.

Other Thoughts:

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