Once an Afternoon - Trailer

2013-08-08 1926 0 4 Rating: 3.8


Ryan & his mentor Bill, are on a mission to visit the home a young girl named "Ellie". Ellie is considered to be the "Boss`s precious gift of life" & is expected to return "home" to the Boss.

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vizualconqueror Said: 2013-08-16 17:31:10
Rating: 4

Title: nicely edited

Pros: Good cinematography, editing, and music choice.

Cons: I agree with the others when I say that I didn`t really want to see the actors` names during the trailer. Also the color grade seemed a bit "warm" (for lack of a better word) for the type of movie that I think this is (action-thriller?).

Other Thoughts: Unlike the others, I liked the jumbled story-line. It didn`t give too much away, but at the same time it told a whole lot.

PsychoBoots Said: 2013-08-14 14:36:07
Rating: 4

Title: Thank you for the Comments

Pros: One of the greatest things we enjoy about this trailer, like everyone else, is the cinematography. The color scheme and the way that the cinematographer over exposed the footage makes it a unique style.

Cons: The trailer could have been longer, possible give a better story in that min.

Other Thoughts: Not sure what the you are talking about Buzzkill production, I suggest rechecking the connection with your computer. The trailer does not end abruptly. The trailer is 1:00 long and not sure what you are referring to "different actors". m424filmcast, it is an action/thriller The trailer is purposely editing to be 1min. We strongly believe that a trailer should never go pass more than 2min. It gives away too much and the film is not a feature. We will revise the trailer and see what we can do to coney the story better. Thank you for reviewing and giving great feedback!

BuzzkillProductions Said: 2013-08-14 14:20:33
Rating: 3

Title: Abruptly ended

Pros: Great cinematography and sound. We love when cinematography and sound are great because it makes us actually want to watch it. It seems so far like a great story and brilliant actors.

Cons: The ending came much to fast and abruptly. At first we thought the computer was broken and then we looked at the time and found it was only thirty seconds. The ending kind of confused us because of the different actors and the story-line got jumbled up

Other Thoughts: I would recommend putting in more of the story and maybe some sort of wist or "eye grabber" to make the audience want to be anxious for the arrival of the film. Other than that it was fantastic

m424filmcast Said: 2013-08-13 23:27:18
Rating: 4

Title: Good cinematography, more storyline plz.

Pros: Very good use of depth of field and the hand-held look. Very nice colour and contrast. Pretty well paced.

Cons: Without reading the description/synopsis, I would not really know what the movie was about by watching the trailer. I wasn`t sure if it was a drama, a thriller, or an action movie. I could not really tell what the story involved from the trailer alone.

Other Thoughts: I probably would have used more time telling the audience what the story was going to be about rather than putting in actors names. I have had a few people critique some of my short films, and they all agreed that if your actors are really not well known, you should limit their names to end-roll credits. Other than that, I think your cinematography shows a lot of promise.

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