Our World Ours

2013-09-02 1914 0 2 Rating: 4.0


The purpose of this short is for the audience to come up with their own story using the visuals and sound.

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Michael Duck Said: 2013-09-02 20:12:45
Rating: 3

Title: Interesting, but lacking in execution

Pros: I actually enjoyed the film from a creative sense. I thought the idea was good. The music also worked well with what you were trying to achieve.

Cons: The camera work could really be improved upon. There were times the camera was moving and did not seem like the director knew exactly what they wanted until they got it and this was kept in the final product. There were also some times autofocus was used when it probably should not have been. Very rarely is there a use of it in my opinion. I also think the lighting could be better. Some scenes were too dark and could use some clever lighting tricks. Finally, I think the effect on the subjects should be more subtle. For instance, the rain at the beginning and then the obvious water hose pouring on it. If this was more subtle and just had the "hard rain" cover the entire scene, it might not have been as obvious.

Other Thoughts: I think a lot of people probably will not like this short, but again, I thought from a creative standpoint, it was nice. I just think you need to work on the execution. This really distracted me from the message you were trying to convey.

colgal4 Said: 2013-09-02 19:46:39
Rating: 5

Title: Our World Ours

Pros: This is the greatest looking short i have ever seen. I loved the idea that human kind can keep building and yet nature will always win.

Cons: I wish it was a bit longer actually, it felt kind of too short. Then, again maybe I feel this way because I really loved it and wanted more.

Other Thoughts: I had saw your other short Blinds and Light which I also loved, I cant wait to see what you will do next.

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