Shifters 2

2013-07-16 1978 0 2 Rating: 3.5


This is a sequel to that explains more of the story that we did not mention in the first one that we made.

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Shiznicx Said: 2013-07-19 15:43:06
Rating: 4

Title: ACTING....

Pros: Loved a lot of your shots, such as the underwater shots and the shifting fight scene shots. The effects were well done along with fight scenes.

Cons: The acting and dialogue wasn`t the best. The music.... dubstep, as much as i love dubstep maybe something more intense.

Other Thoughts: Great film concept and effects

MatthewTalamantes Said: 2013-07-19 03:29:35
Rating: 3

Title: Funny or Serious

Pros: I thought you had some nice shots such as the rack focus shot from the knife to the villain. Underwater shot was used well. At times the fight scene was good and you had some decent Visual effects.

Cons: I thought the acting and dialogue was the weakest part. I couldn`t tell if you were trying to be serious or funny. I also think you would benefit from color correcting and color grading your film differently along with lighting your stuff more strategically as it would help with CCorrecting and CGrading. If this is not in your budget then I understand, but even cheap lighting and a cheap plugin like magic bullet mojo can make a big difference.

Other Thoughts:

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