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Our first post here so how about our first video on YouTube from 2 years ago. A short about two photographers out to "Shoot" each other.

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lukasnewm Said: 2019-08-20 16:44:32
Rating: 4

Title: My Review

Pros: I liked when they get shot they turn into pictures. You have some pretty good camera angles in there.

Cons: Needs some more story and explain why all this is happening

Other Thoughts: Good job.

Crparker Said: 2013-08-01 10:24:25
Rating: 3

Title: shoot out

Pros: I really liked the cinematography. good job.

Cons: didnt like the concept. you guys should write a real story and shoot it like this one, then i think you will have a winner.

Other Thoughts:

fdprod Said: 2013-07-23 03:50:31
Rating: 3

Title: Solid FX, great idea.

Pros: The FX and look overall were great. I enjoyed the standoff.

Cons: The story was confusing right away, then I understood it more towards the end. Camera was also too shaky throughout. I like the girl showing up in the end, but I`d suggest ending with the final picture falling rather than watching the girl walk away. She was never established and it was jarring.

Other Thoughts: Keep it up. Try to incorporate more story and dialogue instead of just FX.

PsychoBoots Said: 2013-07-20 18:49:21
Rating: 4

Title: Canon

Pros: Editing and vfx were great! Concept was awesome

Cons: a little more story

Other Thoughts:

madmenmoviestudios Said: 2013-07-16 08:04:30
Rating: 4

Title: Shootout

Pros: cool idea with the cameras as gun. great effect at the end when he got shot and turned into a picture.

Cons: I was a little confused on the story. for example, why were they trying to kill each other?

Other Thoughts: Great idea, maybe just a little bit more of story development.

nirvana184 Said: 2013-07-09 00:54:58
Rating: 4

Title: Fast Paced "Shootout" is Awesome

Pros: First off, awesome idea. I love this kind of originality in a short film. I enjoyed the fast paced feel to it. The effects were really cool, especially when someone was "shot." The music and character actions went really well together.

Cons: Some of the shots were a bit shaky and the editing between their transitions could have been a bit smoother. I know that can be difficult in a high energy film like this though.

Other Thoughts: Awesome job.

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