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On the night of his 40th birthday Arnold takes stock of his life and questions his desire to continue living it.

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Richinw Said: 2013-09-01 09:45:50
Rating: 3

Title: Review/ "Siren"

Pros: I loved the opening and felt for the character. Good editing and interesting use of filters. I loved you used available light and let the grain set the mood. I loved the contrast of the two locations. Interesting story concept. Actors were ok. Loved the ending. Good editing.

Cons: In the beginning I am drawn in with the mood of the opening scenes, then the dialogue, music and then titles. It was too much and I lost focus. Sirens voice was not balanced and I had to strain to hear her.

Other Thoughts: I would have loved to have seen the final scene in Black and White. One sticking point .... a man wakes up from a very beautiful dream then wakes up with proof he was there. HHHmmm.

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