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Slender is a short film based around the popular video game.Directed by: Scott FeuerhelmStarring: Emma Adams, Chris Starr, Austin Dean, Stephanie Cerini, Lyndsay Adams

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TheMovieMan100 Said: 2013-08-22 11:53:15
Rating: 4


Pros: It was terrifying, the direction was great, and I liked the soundtrack. The Slender Man affects also looked very real and scary.

Cons: The order of how the teens died was very clichéd and predictable, I could not understand what the characters were saying at times due to the audio, and the ending left me unsatisfied.

Other Thoughts: The twist at the end was nicely done, but I was not satisfied with it. The movie should have ended right after the main characters mom showed her the pictures and reminded her about the dreams she had.

nirvana184 Said: 2013-07-09 13:13:25
Rating: 4

Title: Slender is Phat

Pros: I`ve seen a lot of short films based on Slenderman and this is one of the better ones. You used some classic horror cinematography and it really worked in this film. Good costuming for Slenderman, that mixed with good shots made him pretty creepy. The ending was done very well and the twist was nicely done.

Cons: Some of the shots were pretty shaky at times. This made it hard to see what was happening in certain parts. In the woods when the kids are getting picked off, this seemed a bit rushed. The scene could have taken a little more time, that way the viewers can really take in the scenery and focus on everything. This can make the film even scarier.

Other Thoughts: This was a nicely done, creepy short film.

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