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Storyline is a film on a man finding his true purpose in a game that has many more pieces than he thinks.Directed by: Scott FeuerhelmStarring: Wyatt Giampa, Allyson Blanck, Emma Adams, Austin Small

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Clustifer Said: 2019-12-09 04:21:23
Rating: 2

Title: Nice editing

Pros: good editing

Cons: should work more on the acting

Other Thoughts: nice scoring, little slow pacing

NathanLIONMiguel Said: 2013-07-25 16:48:01
Rating: 4

Title: good story

Pros: this had a nice concept to it and the camera shots were pretty good.

Cons: its was kinda slow for my taste. i suggest more events should happen in each storyline.

Other Thoughts: overall this was a good short film

PsychoBoots Said: 2013-07-20 17:12:52
Rating: 5

Title: Great Storyline

Pros: The story was well written and well executed. Loved the variation of camera angles used to tell the story and the actor did pretty good job. The narrator sounded like Vincent Price.

Cons: Minor colour correction issues and sound quality varied. Some of the hand held could of been better.

Other Thoughts: Overall great job!

Michael Duck Said: 2013-07-09 21:34:19
Rating: 5

Title: Very Impressive from all sides

Pros: This production was extremely impressive from every aspect. The story was good and well written. The acting was good and the choice of the narration actor was spot on. The effects with the truck was very well done as well. I also liked the camera angles and movement that was used throughout the film. I am a big fan of camera movement and you did that a lot. Finally, the color tone of the film was very well done.

Cons: All of the things I thought of are just small items, but I will mention them here just as things to keep in mind as you progress. Also, when Stanley hangs up the phone with Sarah the first time, there is a change in camera angle with a drastic change in color. When the car leaves the house for the first time, the pan left was a little choppy. That could be due to the type of tripod. Something to look out for next time. When the car leaves the house the second time, the cameraman is seen in the backseat (sure that`s obvious). Finally, just from a consistency standpoint, he arrived at the elevator the second time at the same moment he did previously even though I assume he took the shortcut the narrator told us about. I might have taken out that narration from the first and left it in the third when we actually see him take the shortcut. Reason being, the audience would assume he took that route as he was in a hurry.

Other Thoughts: Again, this was an extremely well done film. As I mentioned, I only found a few very small items I wanted to point out. Very nicely done and I am excited to see more from you.

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