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"TWO SIDES OF CRIME" The film was created for Kings Christian College Film Festival, with the theme of making a difference. Through every choice we make we create an alternate

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PsychoBoots Said: 2013-07-20 18:13:13
Rating: 4

Title: RUN RUN!

Pros: Overall it was pretty good. Story was pretty solid and the acting was good. The camera and the editing was well done.

Cons: Music was a little too much at times.

Other Thoughts: Much improvement (assuming you guys filmed this after Tringle) keep up the good work.

Michael Duck Said: 2013-07-17 21:10:13
Rating: 3

Title: Technically well done

Pros: I thought the main actor did really good job. I also thought most of the camera angles and depth of focus were good too. The camera tricks that were employed (blur, etc) were used at appropriate times and were not so obvious they were distracting. The color was very well done and had a nice look to it.

Cons: The punch might have looked better from a different angle. It was a noticeable non-contact hit. This would have been masked a lot better with a change in the angle you used. The music at times was a little over the top. You might take the sound down just a little throughout the film. Not drastically, but a small decrease would help. The narration could also be taken down a little on the volume. The only other thing was the sound of them running after him. When you film technically looks as good as it did, the sound in this part was more obvious. Either not having any of that sound or recording the running separately (from a closer spot) and adding it in post would probably have made it a little cleaner.

Other Thoughts: Nicely done overall. I am a huge fan of color grading and this is a prime example of what it can do to increase the viewing experience. Good job.

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