The Artist

2014-03-29 1964 0 1 Rating: 3.0


Inspired by the Renaissance painting, Mantegna`s `Lamentation of Christ.` This short film is the director`s rendition of the painting. Starring: R.Abi Flores Miguel Cerda Film by Jesse Galan

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JBoyett Said: 2014-12-19 07:58:16
Rating: 3

Title: The Artist

Pros: The cinematography was simple, but I liked it--a couple of effective shots. Even though it`s a simple thing, I liked the montage of the guy hanging around the house at the beginning--I got the sense that he was dawdling a long time, but I never got bored and felt the movie itself was dawdling. When he opens the basement door and starts heading downstairs, I know something bad`s happening because it`s a sinister shot, but the twist (that he has a guy down there he`s going to torture) was still enough of a surprise to work.

Cons: I understand that he tortures the guy in this particular way because he`s inspired by the Mantegna print he saw upstairs, but it still seems a little random. Mantegna`s picture of Christ is so famous and has so much symbolic meaning that it felt like there should be some deeper significance about the way the "artist" kills the guy. Right now it feels sort of like an idea that isn`t fully developed. I know it may be a budget thing, but I didn`t buy the victim`s blood. It sort of just looked like stage blood and bits of latex that had been applied kind of randomly. It`s a small thing, but I noticed. We only know that the victim is suffering because we hear his screams during black-outs. When we see him, he`s kind of moving around some, but he doesn`t seem to be struggling, almost as if he`s drugged. Our visual information about him doesn`t match up with the screams that we hear.

Other Thoughts: Looks pretty good, keep making stuff.

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