The Closet

2014-12-19 2216 0 2 Rating: 2.5


Paul tries to juggle two women in this dark triangle.

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CinematicSinger Said: 2018-03-22 13:52:43
Rating: 2


Pros: I really enjoyed the build up & the discovery of the woman in the closet.

Cons: However it just came to such a subtle ending. First off l was p***ed how he simply dismissed little miss pony tails considering he is such a psycho. l would have enjoyed him being hit over the head with something, the last time he entered the room to see the gagged lady. l wanted more action instead.

Other Thoughts: He somehow needed to be the one who ends up in the closet. Even possibly the girl returning to see if he had changed his mind about them & getting a hit over her head too. His fantasy needed to be his worst nightmare.

todunga Said: 2015-04-01 00:00:52
Rating: 3


Pros: The story is DARK, although a bit tough to relate to. Characters all unique and very flawed, too flawed perhaps, especially the main character. Cinematography`s good.

Cons: Too little suspense and conflict. Was hoping for the girl in the closet to make more trouble and escalate the tension and conflict level to an entertaining climax where Paul will be forced to shoot both women or something.

Other Thoughts: The plot, if taken for what it is beautiful, but could`ve used more tension and conflict. The story is a bit hard to relate to given the whole concept of juggling two women, especially doing that by pointing a gun to one of them? But perhaps that`s where the genius of the story lies at.

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