The Detecting Detective

2013-07-14 1897 0 4 Rating: 3.2


A cheesy detective solves a mystery

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PsychoBoots Said: 2013-07-20 18:23:33
Rating: 3

Title: hmmmmmmm

Pros: funny concept and AMAZING BLOOD EFFECT the kid who got shot was freaking funny.

Cons: the suspense sound peaked towards the end. Need a tripod

Other Thoughts: overall good. Revisit this concept in the future.

nirvana184 Said: 2013-07-19 11:32:58
Rating: 3

Title: Who Has the Motive?!?!?

Pros: Good comedy. Good storyline. The actors did a great job. You had some great shots. Awesome fake blood/death.

Cons: The camera was pretty shaky at times. There were a few jump cuts. The audio could have been just a bit louder.

Other Thoughts: I actually wanted the film to be longer. A very nicely made short film.

Shiznicx Said: 2013-07-17 23:15:39
Rating: 3


Pros: Funny story line Great human outline Characters where cleverly built, as in decision wise ... left or right hahah Interesting angels

Cons: Should use a tripod or possible stabilise the images Intro ? Need one of those Try some colour grading, gives an interesting feel. Work on getting more shots, if you count the shots in one of your scenes its 1-2 maybe get 1-5 ... makes it visually more interesting.

Other Thoughts: Well done keep up the great work, i can tell your only young but you could beat a lot of my mate who are 16-17 that have horrible story ideas haahha.

TheMovieMan100 Said: 2013-07-17 12:27:19
Rating: 4


Pros: This video is hilarious and wildly entertaining.

Cons: It`s too short.

Other Thoughts: Keep up the good work guys!

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