The Return

2015-05-10 2186 0 1 Rating: 3.0


Psychological thriller, the film follows a film crew who come to Glossop to make a documentary, on their arrival they discover that there is something strange about this sleepy town...

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Michael Duck Said: 2015-05-10 19:14:40
Rating: 3

Title: Great attemp and some good moments

Pros: I thought the flashbacks were very well done and the mood throughout had a good impact. The flashbacks looked like good dramatizations with the voiceover of the person. They looked authentic enough not to be distracting and also the look of them worked well. There were also some good camera angles. One specific shot I really liked (whether intentional or not). The zoom out of the well toward the end in which the lighting slowly went darker and darker on the well itself. That was a very nice look I would love to see more and use myself. I also thought the people did a very good job of looking scared. I assume some of the probably were scared with the jolt of each other, but they did look very authentic.

Cons: My main criticism is the questions that were constantly asked of each other. "Did you hear that", "what do you think that was", "do you believe the story" to numerous members of the group. It took a lot of time, but really did not provide any value. I also thought the loud noises during the scary scenes was over the top. I am a pure believer in more subtle scares. If it was that easy to get some concrete sounds and such, it would be all over the news all the time. I like the more subtle noises, looks, etc in which someone could potentially miss them in real life or put them away as their imagination. The sounds in this film would not be possible to do that for. There were also too many people around all the time and most did not add that much value. It was just distracting. I might also take the black figure out of the end. A little too much.

Other Thoughts: Overall, I enjoyed watching this. There were definitely some very distracting moments and some areas that dragged with the use of all the people. I also think the various stories were a little too much to push into this film. I think it could have been about 30 minutes with 1 or 2 stories and been much quicker pace. Regardless, I really like the mood and the flashbacks. I think you have some good ideas and really look forward to seeing more from you. I think you have really good potential.

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