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Miguel Show Said: 2019-10-08 19:09:03
Rating: 4

Title: Good job

Pros: Good Storyline and ideia

Cons: The end is strange

Other Thoughts:

NathanLIONMiguel Said: 2013-07-25 14:57:04
Rating: 4

Title: nice

Pros: i like the setting beacause it makes your film come alive. good acting and good camera work.

Cons: the only thing is the ending was off and it could have been done better

Other Thoughts: overall nice job

masonjoseph Said: 2013-07-24 12:57:05
Rating: 4

Title: Similar to Saw.

Pros: I really liked the lighting towards the middle of the film, it made me feel like the torturer was going to jump out of the darkness at any moment. The voice of the torturer was incredibly scary. You handled the violence well to. I was afraid you were going to have blood splatters shooting out of his arm, but thankfully you didn`t.

Cons: The ending was not very satisfying. It wasn`t terrible, it was just a little anticlimactic.

Other Thoughts: This was a great short film. The beginning was really interesting, as well.

nirvana184 Said: 2013-07-19 23:55:51
Rating: 5

Title: Better than Hostel

Pros: Awesome opening, it really got me hooked. Great camera angles and the audio was always clear. The actors did an amazing job. The makeup was great. The lighting worked very well and really helped set the mood.

Cons: It ended on kind of an awkward note. Mystery is great in a film like this but the ending left a little too much to the imagination.

Other Thoughts: Fantastic job. I really liked it.

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