Up From The Under

2013-08-23 2087 0 2 Rating: 1.0


This movie short is for anybody, who has been through so much in life. But finds a way to bounce back this is for you. Written by: T. Harris (www.preachblackman.com). Produced and edited by Its Real Production (TANK) itsrealproduction.com or 313-444-3832 also via email tank@itsrealproduction.com

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ShaunChatrath Said: 2013-10-20 20:23:45
Rating: 1


Pros: It was a great idea....

Cons: ...but for so much potential it felt so wasted. I think it would have to been better to show us what the character is going through rather then keeping them in the dark. It felt like i searched on google images "depression" and i looked at a bunch of artsy pictures that didnt effect me really because i didn`t know why they were depressed.

Other Thoughts:

Richinw Said: 2013-09-01 10:41:58
Rating: 1

Title: Review/ "Up from the Under"

Pros: You have a powerful subject that you chose to tell.

Cons: You did not allow us to see your character. The narrator is trying to convince the audience of her tribulations and salvation yet the film shows a girl moping around. There is no attempt to help the audience see what she has gone through so we can feel her pain. This film failed to deliver a profound and serious message by preaching. It`s just a very flat film.

Other Thoughts: The black experience is a very powerful and profound experience. I wish you could have given that message the visual intonations that is deserved.

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