2013-07-09 2006 0 1 Rating: 2.0


Simone, a "wannabe vampire" who reluctantly accepts Ashlee, a ditsy cheerleader as her roomie, ends up attracting the unwanted attention of a psychotic vampire hunter.

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Richinw Said: 2013-09-04 16:36:24
Rating: 2

Title: Review/"Vampz"

Pros: Loved the ending and the editing ... especially the vampire effects. Some awesome cuts and scenes. The editor knows his cuts.

Cons: I am so NOT a vamp kinda guy. The opening had no impact and nothing to hold my attention. I waited to laugh ... couldn`t do it. Car scenes way too long and not well written or delivered.

Other Thoughts: If we`re not suppose to take this serious then we are suppose to laugh. Don`t give up.

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