What you dont see in The Office

2013-07-17 1846 0 5 Rating: 2.2


Two men discuss business in they're own 'Private offices'.

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ponyhorton Said: 2013-08-19 16:33:50
Rating: 3

Title: Ohhhh..... KAY!

Pros: This was a cute, funny idea. The film makers could use a bit more technique, but it showed talent and potential.

Cons: It was about 35% too long, as it`s mostly a one-joke film. Needed either a variety of camera angles more than it had, OR shoot each side from ONE angle and use stronger editing styles. The kids should have gotten their dads, or older males, to play the executives. It would have been MUCH funnier if the same lines were done by men who actually look like they`ve been in an office for 30 years.

Other Thoughts: They should re-shoot this film with older, more professional men. It`s worth re-examining.

corkyworld Said: 2013-08-06 06:37:17
Rating: 2


Pros: good fart sound effects

Cons: locations didn`t look like work bathrooms.

Other Thoughts: you could have shot this at a mall bathroom and the characters could have been in adjacent stalls. Just a thought.

TheMovieMan100 Said: 2013-07-17 20:39:11
Rating: 3


Pros: Good acting, good camera work, and good humor.

Cons: I can`t really point anything out about this movie that is bad, but it`s just not great.

Other Thoughts: This is a funny short film that`s not great but it`s definitely worth watching simply because it is funny.

nirvana184 Said: 2013-07-17 20:14:00
Rating: 1

Title: Office Space 2

Pros: Good camera work. Actors did an okay job.

Cons: This isn`t really my kind of comedy. The whole short film seemed to rely on one joke that was really drawn out. That can make a one minute short film seem like an eternity. Also, tell your actors to not look at the camera.

Other Thoughts: This isn`t the comedy I tend to like. It`s just my personal preference.

Shiznicx Said: 2013-07-17 19:57:42
Rating: 2


Pros: Really enjoyed the story line Creative script Simple Set area`s

Cons: Sound had a hum, but that would be easy to remove. The phone call, i think you could of used a more relatable track... Maybe a quiet background sound track like elevator music. Intro would be good and a fade in.

Other Thoughts: Maybe next time try some different unique angels and use different shots. For example: Phone call go to his ear and then fade to his face... something different.

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