How To Make Your Short Film Movie

Do you have an idea for a movie or short film but you don’t know the right steps to take? Then, this article is for you. With the increase in the popularity of rising short film festivals, every amateur film-maker wants to put out their creativity but lacks the expertise of how to make a short film. The following steps will guide you on how to make your movie/short film.

  • Scriptwriting & Storyboarding The number one step on our list of how to make your movie is Scriptwriting and Storyboarding. This is the step where you think of an idea for your short film and translate it into writing. After properly documenting your idea, storyboarding should be the next line of focus. Storyboarding is a pictorial representation of what happens in each scene in your film. This does not have to be very artistic, but it should be clear enough to guide you in the course of making your movie.
  • Pre-Production

    The number two step on how to make your movie is ‘Pre-Production’. After writing your script and creating your storyboard, the next thing to do is to search for a location to shoot your film. If your writing requires the video to be shot in mansions then, you have to go out and look for mansion owners and strike a deal for them to permit you to use their apartment for your movie shooting. It is quite expensive sometimes to get permits which allow you to shoot in public or private settings.

    Under the pre-production stage, you also have to scout for actors depending on your budget. If you seek to hire professionals for your movie then, you have to put out a casting call and hold auditions to select your preferred actors for the roles.

    Setting up a crew which will handle all aspects of the cinematography, lighting, sound and video editing also fall under the pre-production stage.

    As a potential filmmaker, it is essential to get the best at the lowest price possible. Hence, when you are on a low budget, it is advisable to rent as much equipment as possible to cut down cost.

  • Film Shooting

    Our number-three step which will guide you on how to make a short film is ‘Film Shooting’. This is the stage where you dress up your actors, rehearse the scenes, and film the scenes while also focusing on visuals.

    The actors should dress in the appropriate costumes. The costumes to be worn by the actors are dependent on the role they have to play in the movie. Also, to cut down cost, you can hire costumes for each of the actors.

    Before accurately shooting and recording, the actors should rehearse each role properly.

  • Editing the film This is the final step that will guide you on how to make a short film. This is the stage where all movie edits such as logging, crosscutting, formatting, reviewing, and final cuts are done.
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