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Stolen Banana
Stolen Banana

A roommate goes crazy when is friend Wilson, a banana, goes missing.

published 2013-07-09 1935
Doritos Ad Commercial
Doritos Ad Commercial

A guy attempts to obtain his Doritos using the Force.

published 2013-07-09 2029
published 2013-07-20 2213
Once an Afternoon - Trailer
Once an Afternoon - Trailer

Ryan & his mentor Bill, are on a mission to visit the home a young girl named "Ellie". Ellie is considered to be the "Boss`s precious gift of life" & is expected to return "home" to the Boss.

published 2013-08-08 1929
The Artist
The Artist

Inspired by the Renaissance painting, Mantegna`s `Lamentation of Christ.` This short film is the director`s rendition of the painting. Starring: R.Abi Flores Miguel Cerda Film by Jesse Galan

published 2014-03-29 1993
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