Best Shorts Film Competition

Want to be rewarded for your hard work in creating your vision? How about being rewarded for providing helpful advice to fellow filmmakers? These are both the types of Short Film Competition IndieFilmShare plans to have. In the future, you will see us promoting these types of competitions to give everyone time to enter. So, whether you plan to focus on promoting your films or providing helpful guidance to others, we will have something for you.

The main focal point for our site is always around reviews, which is why we want to ensure we reward reviewers as well as have a best shorts competition. Some believe that we should only have a best shorts competition, but we feel this negates the main purpose and vision statement of our site. We are not just a film sharing site. There are several of them already. We aim to provide a place for people to get constructive feedback and feel that rewarding those that do that the most is critical to moving forward with this vision.

If your focus is on submitting your films, we will be looking to leverage the reviews left for your films as a portion of the competition criteria. Since peer reviews are important here, it makes complete sense that those reviews be taken into account when evaluating a film. There will be other criteria as well, but peer reviews will be a large part of the process. We also have ways to ensure someone is not trying to cheat the system, so do not be concerned with that aspect. We feel this best shorts competition will be the most popular portion of the short film competition.

Also, do not feel that if you submit films or reviews now that you will not be able to join the competitions. We will have ways for that to happen so that you are not hindered by timing. Submit your films and peer reviews as early and often as you want and we will be looking for the best way to handle that going forward.

We are glad you are joining the IndieFilmShare family and we look forward to watching and reading all of the creativity you have to offer in our future short film competition.

There will be rules and regulations to follow, so keep an eye out on the main page and subsequent pages to ensure you have time to enter and put your best foot forward.

About IndieFilmShare
IndieFilmShare is a community for filmmakers to give and get constructive feedback on their films to improve their craft. This can help prepare for film festivals to become awards winning short films. In the future, there will be a short film competition rewarding in the category of best shorts competition for films as well as reviewers. Reviews of films is the most important aspect of IndieFilmShare. This will be an ongoing site function and we consider it even more important than the films themselves. There are a number of video sharing sites online and this is taking it a step further to enable peer feedback.
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