Best short film festival

Short Film Festivals are festivals, organized for the purpose of short film presentations in cinemas or viewing centers. These festivals are organized in different cities or regions around the world.

There are different short film festivals but five of the Best Short Film Festivals are; International Short Film Festival, LA Short Fest, Palm Springs International Short Fest, Aspen Short Fest and Hamburg International Short Film Fest. As a short filmmaker, it is profitable to have your short films submitted during the Short Film Festivals as it definitely exposes your creativity as these film festivals listed among the Best Short Film Festivals have a large audience and Film-makers in participation you can network with.

According to the Guardian, the world most recognized film festivals are the Venice Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival, and the Berlin Film Festival. These three are generally considered to be the Best Film Festivals. Despite the Toronto International Film Festival not being listed among the top 3, it is the most popular film festival and has a large audience in North America.

While some Film Festivals require an entry fee from filmmakers, some smaller film festivals which do not have a large number of audience like those listed among the Best Film Festivals, usually do not require an entry fee from filmmakers. Some of these smaller film festivals include the Rotterdam film festival, Sicilian Film Festival in Miami, etc.

It is a known culture that during film festivals, there is usually competition among film-makers especially during the film festivals listed as the Best Film Festivals. There are various film festivals depending on your city or region.

Money is generated from film festivals through the selling of cinema tickets, sponsorship or entry fees paid by filmmakers.

Some film-makers become unsuccessful during film submissions. This failure comes from anxiety, lack of purpose, not seeking for assistance and lastly, not having the right connection.

Below are some tips that will make you successful in your entry application :
  • Kill the Excitement: Excitement usually set in due to the fact that you have completed the film-making process and wants to show your creativity to the world. Sometimes there are some errors/mistakes we don’t see immediately and thus necessary to re-visit what we have completed. It is common to find errors in your project after completion and a second look comes in as a good idea. It usually comes back as a misfortune to submit a project and discover there were some mistakes you didn’t notice earlier. Having incomplete work submitted will totally ruin your chances of getting selected especially when submitting to the Best Film Festivals & Best Short Film Festivals.
  • Have a purpose for submission: Are you submitting your project because you just want to submit it? Or you see your submission as a strategy to boost your career. These film festivals are opportunities of meeting other top filmmakers especially during the Festivals and Best Short Film Festivals which have a good amount of experienced Filmmakers in participation you can network with.
  • Ask for Assistance where necessary: Asking for assistance is a good idea. Ask for assistance from Mentors, Friends & Colleagues. Never underestimate the power of assistance and always request for feedback as sometimes, they see the errors faster than you do.

Here on this website, we help you submit your films and return feedbacks from other film-makers. This will definitely help you improve your creative ability and also give you confidence during your submissions.

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IndieFilmShare is a community for filmmakers to give and get constructive feedback on their films to improve their craft. This can help prepare for film festivals to become awards winning short films. In the future, there will be a short film competition rewarding in the category of best shorts competition for films as well as reviewers. Reviews of films is the most important aspect of IndieFilmShare. This will be an ongoing site function and we consider it even more important than the films themselves. There are a number of video sharing sites online and this is taking it a step further to enable peer feedback.
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