Film Festivals to Submit To

When you are evaluating which film festivals to submit to, we recommend you add your film to our site as well. Not only can you be part of competitions, but you will also gather valuable feedback on how to improve your craft for future projects. Some might prefer to post their film here prior to evaluation which film festivals to submit to for the reason of making some last minute modifications before submitting.

With that said, below are the elements that are requested as part of uploading your film to our site. You can also modify these setting after submission from your profile page. You will find the link to upload you film at the top right of every page of our site. It is labeled "Upload Film".

Elements Utilized in Film Submission :
  • Title
  • Genre
  • Runtime
  • Description

We look forward to seeing you work and also reading your reviews of other peoples work. We also look forward to seeing your films at various film festivals.

About IndieFilmShare
IndieFilmShare is a community for filmmakers to give and get constructive feedback on their films to improve their craft. This can help prepare for film festivals to become awards winning short films. In the future, there will be a short film competition and short film awards for films as well as reviewers. Reviews of films is the most important aspect of IndieFilmShare. This will be an ongoing site function and we consider it even more important than the films themselves. There are a number of video sharing sites online and this is taking it a step further to enable peer feedback.
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